Week of action against specisme, also on the ZAD NDDL (france)
From 30 October to 5 November was called for week of actions against specism.

This week, we want to highlight the struggles against the various forms of exploitation and killing of animals, a struggle that is very present on the ZAD in notre-dame-des-landes, france, as many texts on the site and recordings testify. During this week we would propose open debates / discussions, screenings and workshops. If you want to participate, propose an event, actions or just network to keep up with the news, you can write to us on the mail indicated under the article. We also want to be able to engage, coordinate or synchronize our actions and events with those in cities: nantes, rennes or elsewhere. If you want to stay a few days on the zad, it is possible.

what we had already imagined to propose:

- Broadcasts on radio Klaxon (the pirate radio of the zad that emits localy and which is streamed on the Internet https://radioklaxon.antirep.net) with public debates, readings, news, music. etc.

- A public debate. We would like to set up a debate, also with breeders, hunters or other defenders of the exploitation and slaughter of animals ?

- An evening of screening with a discussion

- A musical evening / party (we are looking for committed bands)

- Workshops on digital defensive and offensive (bring your key usb / computer / smartphone)

- Discussions about our practices, our forms of action and the future of a world without specism. (any reflection is welcome, especially those involving the intersection with other struggles against oppressions)

- Stuff in town (vegan kitchen, actions, flyering, staging a scene, demonstrations, etc)

A first program will be published on Saturday 21 October.
do not hesitate to send your proposals, questions or information to [email protected]

You can find the call in several languages ​​here: https://contagioantispecista.noblogs.org/post/2017/09/09/settimana-internazionale-per-lazione-antispecista/

Source: http://zad.nadir.org/spip.php?article4798 -