Août 26, 2022
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For some time now, a text has been circulating in the militant milieu proposing the reunification of the three CNTs : the CNT-AIT, the CNT known as Vignoles and the CNT-SO.

Without going into the arguments, which on the whole are valid but some of which are naïve, we’d rather insist on the essential shortcomings of this text : What is not said, for to tell the truth, if the CNT in May 2000 and for a few years was able to draw large processions during demonstrations, the current CNTs are no more than a shadow of the CNT of the 2000s. To be clearer, the CNTs no longer appear in the trade union field, victims of their splits. They no longer carry much weight and their horizon is blocked. The attempt to “reunify” the CNTs relates the failure of the different CNTs to be part of the social movement, despite a few exceptions that confirm the rule.