Mai 10, 2021
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recevived by email / monday 10th may 2021

International zine of social war continuing the conflict against the rising techno-prison world. Now expanded to 24 pages after the recent repression against our project by the Counter-Terrorist cops. One more blow in the face of their blatant attempt to silence us.
Articles expanding on the critique against technology and Covid-19 repression, as well as Alfredo Cospito’s recent contribution about the « Proposal For a New Anarchist Manifesto Â» and an Introduction from Gustavo Rodriquez’s ‘Covid-19: Anarchy in the times of the pandemic. Â»
Print it out, for your local squat, social centre, mate’s house or give it out at a demo, even leave it in a random place.

Lets ignite the next wave of the Black International!

1. Bristol: Burn Baby Burn!
2. Communique from 325 Collective on the Repressive Attack upon International Counter-Information
3. Greece: Attacks in Response to Dimitris Koufontinas’ Hunger Strike & Covid Repression
4. Neurocapitalism: ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Comes One Step Closer
5. Chile: Second Public CommuniquĂ© on the 32nd day of the Hunger Strike 6. COVID-19: Anarchy in Times of Pandemic – Gustavo Rodriguez
7. A Contribution About the “Proposal For a New Anarchist Manifesto” – Alfredo Cospito
8. A letter from Danilo, accused of setting fire to a police van in Barcelona
9. An Incomplete Chronology of Direct Actions from around Planet Earth
10. After Lockdown, Let’s Look At The Situation We’re Finding Around Us
11. Earth’s Lament – Everyday Revolution

Download, copy and distribute! DIY!


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