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As the Canadian Government still study the case of Pamela Geller, we must report on some new  elements. The links between Geller and hate groups are even more clearer.  She claims to be the victim of a worldwide conspiracy because she defends the Jewish people. This is a lie. She constantly supports Far-right organizations and some of its more radical elements.


Besides her supports to Bloc Identitaire(see our article below), Geller worked with the Far-right English Defence League, which at a time, had a Jewish Division, as they called it. In was in fact members of the so-called JDL;

She also worked with the Swedish Defence League and its leader, Kamil Ryba.   In 2014, Ryba was jailed for threatening the staff of the Expressen,

Kamil Ryba, SDL,

The anti-fascist publication Expo has reported that Kamil Ryba, head of the EDL’s sister organisation the Swedish Defence League, has been sentenced to six months in prison for threatening the staff at GT, the Göteborg edition of the Swedish daily Expressen.

Ryba turned up at the GT offices last December to protest against Expressen publishing the names of people who had anonymously incited racial hatred. He threw an egg and said he would come back with a knife next time. Ryba subsequently returned and left a package containing a knife and a copy of the Qur’an, which was addressed to the editors of Expressen and GT. The package was seen as a possible bomb threat and GT staff were forced to evacuate the building.

Ryba pleaded not guilty. According to GT, he claimed that by including a knife with the Qur’an he intended to convey that Islam is a violent ideology, not a religion. However, he was convicted of the offence of violating civil liberty, on the grounds that he had made threats that endangered freedom of expression. Ryba’s lawyer stated that he will appeal against the verdict.

Kamil Ryba with Stephen Lennon (“Tommy Robinson”), Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller at ‘counterjihad’ rally in Stockholm in 2012

Ryba was also pictured with Polish Far-right activits in 2014. He even attended their Court hearings on 14 charges of assaults against Migrants while visiting Sweden.

Ryba is in the red t-shirt with his fellows Far-right thugs in Poland.

As stated, Geller is the head of the Stop the Islamization of Nations (SION), with her comrad Anders Gravers, of Stop the Islamization of Denmark. That group also organized Border Patrols against Migrants since 2015, as she reports;

Yesterday, my colleague and European partner, Anders Gravers of Stop Islamization of  Denmark and Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE), led the Danish group “Close the Border,” which consists of several Danish Islamic-critical groups and anti-immigration groups, and took decisive anti-migrant action. They did what many Danish people would wish that their politicians and police would do.

Now, Anders is also running into troubles. Facebook banned its page for publishing hate speech in July 2017;

SION is an organization with direct link to the neo-nazi and White Supremacist Stormfront webpage. The Facebook page of SION clearly shows the link to this forum for neo-Nazis and White Supremacists from around the world;

Contact SION Stop Islamizations of Nations on Messenger

It then provides the link to the Sormfront webpage directly as contact.

And, here is a picture of the  Warrior Pamela Geller, from SION’s Facebook page;


In March 2017, members of the so-called JDL joined their friends in Washington, DC. At that time, a member of the so-called JDL from Canada was arrested and charged with hate crime.

Here is the article published by Mondoweiss about the incidents and the characters involved;

Attacker ran anti-Muslim hate site

Police made two arrests on Sunday. Yosef Steynovitz of Canada was charged with felony “assault with significant bodily injury” and Rami Lubranicki with misdemeanor assult. Lubranicki is an administrator of the website “Islam Exposed” and the founder of the group American Bikers United Against Jihad. His organization staged a five-person protest against Muslim Americans living in Islamberg, New York in 2016. He is also a frequent contributor to conservatives and anti-Muslim websites.

A blog headed by the “Israeli administrator” for his group “Islam Exposed,”provided screen shots of Facebook temporarily disabling pages he moderates after users wrote racial epithets and advocated for the killing of Muslims. Lubranicki has also twice susupended from Facebook for 30 day periods for posting inflammatory comments, according to his colleague. The same blog includesadmiration for the slain rabbi Meir Kahane, the founder of the JDL

Once again, we find Geller associated with one of the perpetrator of this vicious hate crime in Washington,DC. Here is a photo of Geller with Lubranicki, during a protest in New-York.

Meanwhile, the so-called JDL started running a funding campaign to defend what they call freedom fighters, while the US Justice Department calls the incident a Hate crime. Their member from Thornhill is still awaiting trial in this case.

In our next segment, we will present the real nature of the so-called JDL which is in fact the Far-right Defence League(FRDL) in Canada. That organization does not, in any way, represent the Jewish community. It is a Far-right group, made up of members of the jewish faith, aligned with Far-right and even White Supremacist organizations.

Pics from Facebook, Mondoweiss, Aftonbladet, Expressen.

Source: Gredacanada.wordpress.com