Septembre 12, 2020
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Anti-nuclear week in Bure – Stories and practices from anti-nuclear struggles

Article updated here.

It is time to give you the latest information about the program, logistics, technical details, what we need, etc.

Enjoy the read, and see you from the 5th of October at the Maison de Résistance in Bure (or the week before if you want to help us set things up).

If you are new to this and you are looking for more information on the origins and the idea of the project, you can read this older article.

Anyway, here’s the…

Provisional program

Warning: the program may change and some workshops may not take place when specified.

Provisional program made on September 1st, bound to change, see for updates.

There will be free moments and places for people to propose discussions and organise workshops on site, so that we can vary the subjects, but you are also free to propose other kinds of activities – bearing in mind that more than one workshop may take place in the same time-slot. Don’t hesitate to come with your own ideas! If you want them to be added to the program, send us an email.

Other workshops that have not been added to this preliminary program have already been organised: foraging-walks to learn how to gather wild plants, data security training, trainstopping exhibition on the fight against nuclear transports, climbing, practical workshops, projection of the film « Un héritage empoisonné », how to make fanzines, discussions with the Bombes atomiques, theatre performances, a concert, choirs, possibly radio, linocut, many more antinuke films, information stands, sound recordings, group trips, presentations on the anti-nuclear struggle in Australia, audios on the fight agains the Chooz nuclear plant, presentation of a book on the resistance against the nuclear plant project near Pellerin…

Read more here about the organisation.