Février 24, 2022
Par Monde Nouveau
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There is one thing that never changes when you read a Marxist dealing with anarchism : bad faith, distortion, selection of sentences out of context, the systematic concern not to dialogue, not to debate, to look for what separates rather than what brings together. In other words, it’s about snarling sectarianism1. There is one more thing : the source of the argument is invariably what Marx said about anarchism, sometimes taken up and customised by Hal Draper or authors who have only read these two authors. In other words the most unreliable sources and the most tainted by bad faith.

This is particularly true of a text written by an Australian Marxist, Mick Armstrong, who has produced an article delirious with bad faith compounded by a selection of absolutely questionable sources and preconceived ideas.

Source: Monde-nouveau.net